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網友林聖興: 老師您好,看見有人對於“梯度、散度與旋度”第14條公式有疑問 (註:),我一時好奇,試著推演看看,答案是 ,沒錯! 以MathType打字,附檔裡面有彩色,我不大會用LaTeX的方式操作網頁回覆,寄給您參考。 div(grad f cross grad g)

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網友 Meiyue Shao: I would like to share with you an alternative proof of the statement on the post 可對角化矩陣的譜分解──續篇(上) The proof is quite similar to yours. But likely mine is relatively simple to follow. As you might want to … Continue reading

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